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A Facebook, again and again we complain about your services. Is it because we hate you? No, not really. But often times you seem to have your head in the sand when it comes to human emotions. I don’t know it this is because of Zuckerberg or what; but you know, hire a shrink or something, it’s really not that hard!

My beef this time is the suggested friend thing that pops up on the right. That you can’t really know if I actually know that person or not, fair enough. That would be an eerie creepiness we so far only ascribe Google. But, and this is my point, why, oh why, do you have to suggest people I obviously do NOT want to be friends with?

For example I have in the past couple of weeks been asked if I wanted to be friends with my EX-mother-in-law and my ex-wife’s new guy. Granted, I realize that not everyone have a divorce as infected as I did, but you know, having them NOT show up will not harm anyone. If they show up, they can cause all sorts of emotional distress that benefits no one.

The thing is, even though I’m not an actual programmer, I know enough to say that this would not be a hard thing to add to your code. You have our collective histories! Just do if-statements on our relationship-statuses and relationship-histories if nothing else. It’s all there! You have the info! Use it for good for once!

Please Facebook, just because you may have Asberger’s and don’t care about human emotions and social intrigue, doesn’t mean your users are the same.