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Uni Humi

Time for some Cambridge humour, curtsey of Stephen Fry and the Footlights.

Old Professors never die, they just lose their faculties.
~ Stephen Fry




Few things have enticed mankind as horror stories, and during the 20th century those about Vampires seems to have been of a particular interest. Perhaps most well known amongst the vampire depictions are Bela Lugosí and Christopher Lee, both very suave and sexy.

Though I do like those versions, one of my all time favorites is F.W. Murnaus Nosferatú from 1922. This, although wonky acting wise, captures a true horror of the Vampire that most later movies never even attempt. Count Orlok is by no means as sexy as Dracula (in the movies though far closer to Mr Stokers book), but all the more scary for it. There are plenty historic scenes in this flick. When the Count enters Hutters room at night, when he walks up the stairs, and when he drinks the wifes blood.

Thanks to the Internet Archive you can actually download this masterpiece for free, either via the net or FTP. But not only that, there is also streaming! Enjoy it here or at the Archive!

Unpleasant dreams!