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Merry Yule Tides

This Holiday Season will be spent in the almost internet-free home of my mother. So, because of this I’ve decided to post two wonderful MST3K epissodes for you to enjoy ’til I get back.


Santa Claus


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians


Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.
Gary Allan ~



The Twilit Cinema presents: ‘Rudolph’

Here is a lovely version of the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer story, in cosy stop-motion and glorious technicolor!



Ze TED video…

Goolgling around on this vast ocean we call the InterWebs, I found the aforementioned Zefrank TED video, clogging the tubes around senator Ted Stevens house no less!


Just a reminder, what other people think of you is none of your business.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. But from the cat’s perspective, they all suck.

Trying to defeat an ideology by killing individuals is like trying to save a marriage with a blowjob. It might buy you some time, but in the end it’ll just suck.

~ Zefrank ~


Who can be a druid?

Recently I found my self at a party in the north (well, Småland…) and after a while the subject turned to the meaning of the word druid. What does it mean to be a druid? Who decides who can call him/her self a druid? Does the word druid mean anything if it means different things to everyone? Neina recently blogged about all this, and I thought I’d add my two ¢ to the mix.

What does the word mean? This is a tricky question, even though it seems it would mean something like “the wise one” in a literal sense, even though we are not quite sure. But that is a general term if ever there was one. But it still offers an interesting thought. If it means that the person attached to that epithet is wise, that would suggest that you have to earn the title from someone. But who would that be? An election-style grove? Certainly. Given that the grove and/or order in question is anything like reasonable, getting your self chosen to become a druid should be a guarantee that you do hold some wisdom, at least in the eyes of the elders of that grove/order. In addition it could be an application style one as well, since the goal would be the same: screening. Possibly your friends could refer to you as “a wise one” as well, that is; society gives you the title, but needless to say, that is a lot less common these days…

Arhc Druid in Robe

So, it would seem that if you define “druid” as someone who is wise, then you can’t really give your self that title. But at the same time, I do think you could use it as a solitary for instance. That would mean though, that the literal meaning of druid means less to be wise. You can call your own person wise, but in the tradition of Socrates, that would be considered unwise… In the discussions at said party, most seem to hold the position that anyone could call them selves druids, as long as they were true druids. Needlessly to say, there is a flaw or two in that argument. Also they were very keen on separating wicca/witches and druids by saying that wiccans were much more dogmatic, needing paraphernalia and physical altars to do their thing. That is an issue for another day, as I do not agree.

Thinking about it, it doesn’t bother me that people call them selves druids. But, at the same time, the word needs to be defined in other ways. My thoughts on this would be that true persons would know if they can call them selves druids or not, but the world doesn’t work that way. Maybe the simple truth is that it has to be defined through deeds rather than definitions, at least in the solitary sense. If you do x you are a druid. What would x be? Well, I would list a certain respect for nature, connections with the spirits and gods, a will to know and learn etc. But it is still not enough of a definition.

Does this render the word meaningless? Yes, and no. In essence it could be argued that all the words we use are meaningless. They mean what they mean, because we have decided to decipher them in common ways. So to complicate matters further, I think that you can call your self a druid, and also say that someone else is not a druid, provided that you also define what you mean by being or not being a druid. 

Problems will arise in the confrontation between solitaries and grove members. I think the only way to solve that gordian knot, is to add “solitary” or “initiatory” as an epithet to the title.

Thus, in conclusion, I think that anyone can call him/her self a druid, but they need to realise that it is a complicated term, and they need to be ready to answer questions about why they call them selves that. If the answer is simply: “I’m initiated”, then fair cop to you. But if it’s you are a solitary druid, be prepared to talk of your deeds.

Obviously there are other questions surrounding this issue, and not everyone would agree with me. But this is a start. Let’s not forget, that even though the seeds of the neopagan tree are old, the tree it self is actually, at best, only circa a hundred years old. And maybe we need to accept that even if a tree has only one stem, it does have plenty of branches and roots.

/ | \ Thobias


Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Twilit Theatre presents: Horror Express (1973)

In a continuing theme of testing different things with wordpress, I decided to take VodPod for a spin. This is because, while I do like the blogging system that is wordpress, I find it extremely annoying that you can’t post Flash nor JavaScript. To a certain extent this is alleviated by VodPod. It’s a service that allows you to post just about any embedded flash video to your blog.

For this test I have chosen to do a screening of a Hammer-style horror film called Horror Express. It’s from 1973 and stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee and it is directed by Eugenio Martín. (Also see the Wikipedia entry.)

Plot (from IMDb): 

An English anthropologist (Christopher Lee) has discovered a frozen monster in the frozen wastes of Manchuria which he believes may be the Missing Link. He brings the creature back to Europe aboard a trans-Siberian express, but during the trip the monster thaws out and starts to butcher the passengers one by one.

It gets a 6.3 rating at IMDb, and I am looking forward to my own first screening, along with you, dear reader. Shall we?


Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod


Inspector Mirov: The two of you together. That’s fine. But what if one of you is the monster?

Dr. Wells: Monster?? We’re British, you know!


Movie courtesy of the Internet Archive.
Addendum: For some reason it isn’t working as it should. It works over on VodPod, 
it works on, but why, oh why, does it refuse to work here? Any ideas?
Update: after having been in contact with the excellent people at VodPod, I now know that they do have problems concerning Hopefully this will be resolved in the future. In the mean time, enjoy movies directly at the archive, or via the Twilit Theatre Pod!

Musical tests

This is just a test to see how I can incorporate music and other media links to blog posts here on the Twilight. I hope you enjoy this Open Source Audio from the Internet Archive: Cry of the Celts.

May the road rise up to meet you!


Yes, Master!

I just wanted to share the trailer for a movie that seems to be the animated Halloween movie of the year: Igor. Let’s hope it’s any good. After all it has John Cusack, Steve Buscemi and John Cleese as voice actors. (Yes, that’s a good thing…)

Pull the switch!Yeth, mathter!