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Trailer Trash…

A while back we were asked by a lecturer to write the cover text for our own biographies. Needless to say, that excercise turned out to be pretty pointless in the end. But it did give me an idea. Why not try to write the trailer for my life? It should be fun, right? Let’s have a try:


- Black screen opening with Chuck Riley type voice
saying -


In a land, pestered with mediocrity

- When the word mediocrity is said, it zooms into view
on-screen, to then zoom past after a short pause -


“Where political correctness and polite violence are everyday horrors”

- Fast clips showing political correctness and polite
violence -


“One man rose from the ashes of a broken home”

- Flashes of an eye, a lock of hair and a belt; all from a
panning close-up camera -


“He dared to be a geek”

- Camera going back, man flashing backlit and only visible
as a dark figure, standing with hands on hips. In flashes
logos such as Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Palm, Wikipedia,
Firefox and Google are visible in the shadowy fog surrounding
the outlined body -


“He became the friend of women”

- Camera continues backwards -


“He could handle irony”

- Close-up of mouth, one side going up in wry smile -


“He is…”

- Screen dark -


“…The Nice Guy!”

- Text zooming onto screen, then exploding away -


Coming October 22, 2010. Check at your local theatre or at Rated R!

- Said text showing small on the screen -
- End -


Do you think this has any potential?


PS If you don’t know the name Chuck Riley, have a listen to this clip from, and you’ll know…


Merry Yule Tides

This Holiday Season will be spent in the almost internet-free home of my mother. So, because of this I’ve decided to post two wonderful MST3K epissodes for you to enjoy ’til I get back.


Santa Claus


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians


Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.
Gary Allan ~


Mapple & Steve Mobs…

Brilliant!Vodpod videos no longer available.

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via Macenstein

Ze TED video…

Goolgling around on this vast ocean we call the InterWebs, I found the aforementioned Zefrank TED video, clogging the tubes around senator Ted Stevens house no less!


Just a reminder, what other people think of you is none of your business.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. But from the cat’s perspective, they all suck.

Trying to defeat an ideology by killing individuals is like trying to save a marriage with a blowjob. It might buy you some time, but in the end it’ll just suck.

~ Zefrank ~



Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Uni Humi

Time for some Cambridge humour, curtsey of Stephen Fry and the Footlights.

Old Professors never die, they just lose their faculties.
~ Stephen Fry