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Hello iPhone WordPress wURLd!

I am testing the iPhone WordPress app. Since I’ve less tim with my MacBook these days, I thought blogging from my iPhone could be an option. And the new 2.x app seems quite capable.

So, anyway, this was just a test. See you around!


Ps If anyone knows how to make text in italics, bold and underlined in the iPhone app, please let me know in the comments. Cheers!


Don not be alarmed!

I am still alive, it’s just that some personal problems has beset me. I’m hoping to resume my blogging here at the TS very soon.


A museum should be fun!

A museum should be fun. A place you want to go. A place where you learne about history, human thought and nature in a creative environment. Very few museums seems to realise this. However, all is not lost. Randers Kulturhistoriske Museum have put up a new rune display that seems to be fantastic. In a sparkling combo of modern technology and history, they’ve created an interactive experience around the Mejlby rune stone.



This is a perfect example of why, and how, the humanities should embrace tech and geekery. To make the experience enjoyable for “the straights”, ie. the public. They are used to HDTV, Wii games and the relative interactivity of the Internet. Why should they think you as a museum employee should get paid to do some dusting of old and to them boring artifacts? Please don’t get me wrong, I do think all these things have a tremendous worth in and of themselves, but we who are working within the humanities, whatever that may entail, must take as our responsibility to help people want to learn, and want to see, and even though few of us want to think about money, pay to have the privilege. I am not advocating that ie. all  museums should have an entrance fee, but rather that we in the business also remember that tax money is paid by someone…


Most convicted felons are just people who were not taken to museums or Broadway musicals as children.
Libby Gelman-Waxner quotes ~



Useful Caffeine

We’ve all been to lectures with slide shows. Be they PowerPoint or Keynote, there is still one problem that seems to come up every single time. Automatic sleep mode or dimming. It’s not an obvious problem at all times, but if you run on battery power, you will know what I mean.


That’s where this small, free, and utterly useful little app comes in: Caffeine from Lighthead Software. It’s an app that places a small icon in your menu bar, click it and you computer won’t go to sleep nor dim the screen. This is, as I said useful in presentations. But you know what, it works wonders on a laptop when playing YouTube or Google Videos as well. See, full screen flash for some reason, does not register as full screen video to Mac OS X (Tiger at least), and there for dims the screen when no mouse or keyboard use is detected.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass this gem along!

Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.

~Author Unknown~


Elephants Dream

Due to “public demand” I have decided to post Elephants Dream here too. It is not as good looking as Big Buck Bunny, however it is interesting in many ways. Partly because of the open ended and rather mind bending story. The visual do take you on a journey through the mind. The other reason is that it is the worlds first Open Movie.



Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Elephants Dream“, posted with vodpod

Musical tests

This is just a test to see how I can incorporate music and other media links to blog posts here on the Twilight. I hope you enjoy this Open Source Audio from the Internet Archive: Cry of the Celts.

May the road rise up to meet you!


Linotype FontExplorer X

People who are into design and layout tend to be FF; Font Fetishists. As such it after a while tends to get difficult to keep track of all the fonts. And even thought Mac OS X handles fonts in a better way than the good old classic Mac System, there is still room for improvement.

So what is a discerning font fanatic to do? In the old days we had Adobe TypeManager. But now? Enter Linotype FontExplorer X from Linotype, and old company in the world of typography. It is a comprehensive organising tool for fonts, and as an added bonus it connects directly to the Linotype font store. They have an amazing amount of pro fonts that you can easily purchase and download to your Mac. The app and the account (optional) is free, and you can just use it to organise your fonts in a very iApp sort of way. But it can also offer an easy access point to a very comprehensive font library for professionals.

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