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Internet Dateing

There you have it: I’m perusing internet dating sites. I feel everything that’s happen to me is done. Am I over it? Who knows, but I’m done fawning over someone who hates me. It’s just not healthy!

But I have to say the world of internet dating is a weird one! Oh, I know it works, I know several middle-aged couples having met that way (though, worryingly, not a one my age…). But it’s not really that, even if it’s taken several months to even get one response. No, it’s this keeping several connections in the air at once. Yes I know I may be old-fashioned, but I prefer to concentrate on the one woman. Here, I need to keep the conversation going with several. Question is, when do you stop entertaining more than one? Sure, many girls, what woes… But still, I don’t want to be seen as an evil playboy here.

And what’s more, how on earth do you decide this girl is the right one, rather than that other one? Feeling? I don’t know! With normal dating you only work the one track till that materializes or fizzle out. What if you have two, or more, perfect women? Afterall, polyamory isn’t that common. And anyway, while I like the idea of more than one girl in bed as much as the next man, I’ve long since decided it’s a better fantasy than reality. I’m neurotic enough about pleasing the one…

Another thing you notice with these sites, is that they tend to be very form-based. “I like this”, “I don’t like this” – therefore you match this chick. Also, weight and measures (though few have bust size or length of penis… but some do). I know all this comes into play in real dating aswell, but here it’s so open. I mean, I’m not against this part, it just feels very unusual with a bunch of men and women knowing exactly what the others weigh, how tall they are, what they like etc.

So I think internet dating is potentially both fun and weird at the same time. And so far I don’t really have to worry about the multiple-women issue too much, but it feels strange all the same. But hopefully those woes will come along. What then?

Have you tried this type of dating? What did you think? Tips, ideas or comments are very welcome!

// Tobias