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The belated, and very very short, Cybook Opus review…

I’ve been busy lately. Reason? I got a job at Riidoo, the company that lent me the Cybook Opus. This puts me in an awkward position for reviewing it. But I can make a genral review, I think.

The Opus proved to me that the eReader is a very valid product. But it needs to be accepted as a single purpous device. It can’t, nor should it, compete with the likes of the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The E-ink screen is surprisingly good to read and I spent several weeks in bright sunlight this summer reading. It should be noted that I rarely read books in sunshine, since it gets to bright for me. E-ink is a little dimmer than paper, not much, but enough to make it more readable in bright light for me.

The Opus in it self is a very nice little reader. At 150 grams it is still the lightest reader on the market. Sure, it’s only a 5″ screen, which is enough for reading, but if you want to read comics a 6″ will be a much better choice.

If there is a negative with the Opus it is that you have to connected to a computer to transfer books to it. There is no wireless connection. Also, I feel the unit, wile cute, is rather plasticy. I wish it had a more rigid feel to it.

Over all though, I like this device. I love ereaders as such, and this is definatley one of the better readers to get.