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Trailer Trash…

A while back we were asked by a lecturer to write the cover text for our own biographies. Needless to say, that excercise turned out to be pretty pointless in the end. But it did give me an idea. Why not try to write the trailer for my life? It should be fun, right? Let’s have a try:


- Black screen opening with Chuck Riley type voice
saying -


In a land, pestered with mediocrity

- When the word mediocrity is said, it zooms into view
on-screen, to then zoom past after a short pause -


“Where political correctness and polite violence are everyday horrors”

- Fast clips showing political correctness and polite
violence -


“One man rose from the ashes of a broken home”

- Flashes of an eye, a lock of hair and a belt; all from a
panning close-up camera -


“He dared to be a geek”

- Camera going back, man flashing backlit and only visible
as a dark figure, standing with hands on hips. In flashes
logos such as Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Palm, Wikipedia,
Firefox and Google are visible in the shadowy fog surrounding
the outlined body -


“He became the friend of women”

- Camera continues backwards -


“He could handle irony”

- Close-up of mouth, one side going up in wry smile -


“He is…”

- Screen dark -


“…The Nice Guy!”

- Text zooming onto screen, then exploding away -


Coming October 22, 2010. Check at your local theatre or at Rated R!

- Said text showing small on the screen -
- End -


Do you think this has any potential?


PS If you don’t know the name Chuck Riley, have a listen to this clip from, and you’ll know…


Yupp, it’s an iPhone!

I’m sitting here in my room relaxing to some Internet radio. Is it playing via my MacBook? No, it’s coming via my iPhone!

There you have it, I went for the iPhone. I check-out some of the Android phones, mainly HTC, and also had a quick look at Blackberry, Nokia N9x and some Windows Mobile phones. The iPhone is, at this moment in time, the best you can get in Scandinavia. I leave room for the Pre possibly being more to my taste, since judging by the videos I’ve seen it might. However, it is not yet available up here.

So what did win me over to the iPhone in the end? It was a combo of many things, and it has to be said for full disclosure, price did play a part since I got the 3G rather than the 3GS. But after doing my research I can say this to for the iPhone. It has, by far, the most vibrant developer community today. Both in the form of web apps and actual downloadable apps. The geekerati may think Apples practices concerning approval of apps is idiotic, and mostly I agree with them, but that does not detract from the fact that they have more, often better, and cheeper apps than all the other platforms. (An app for S60 can easily be something like €5 …) In short, the iPhone is much more mature than any other platform. Which ironically includes platforms much older than iPhone OS, such as Windows Mobile and S60.

That the iPhone is a better looking device than most of the others help a lot too…

Another area where Apple is way ahead, and I don’t see anyone else, again with the possible exception of Palm, catching up, is hardware add-ons. These are expensive to make and therefor works best in a highly standardized environment. The iPhone has a standard UI, a standard iPod connecter and Apple certifies the stuff! Android is touted as the main threat to the iPhone, BUT all Android phones have variations when it comes to UI. All Android phones have different hardware with different connectors and so on. It’s a mess, and I don’t think Google will even think to standardize this.

So, as a brief summary: right now, there is little doubt that the best smartphone on the market from a usability POV is the iPhone. Yes other phones have better cameras, better screens, better what ever. But the iPhone is one of very few phones, possibly the only phone, that is more than the sum of it’s parts. For me, it’s well worth 299 SEK a month for two years. After that? Who knows.