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Long, long ago…

It’s been a long time. So long I could swear the login page creaked when I logged in. It’s been a topsy turvy spring and summer. I’ve had to face some demons and things have, as they generally do, happened in ways I could never have foreseen.

The most shocking of them is that my wife all of a sudden decided to leave me. So I had to move up to my mothers big house. I still have a year left at the university and next to no money to live on, so… Sure, there’s two sides to this story as always. But the divorce I guess I can live with. These things happen. I wish she would have included me in the decision instead of just hiding it and finding someone new, but you can’t have everything now can you.

No, the real kick in the face was that she went out with him before the divorce came through. We still lived together, no papers signed, nothing like that. And she goes of for a week to live with her new bo. That broke my heart, that she couldn’t treat me with dignity in any way. But maybe I am old fashioned?

On the upside, I am now 1/3 of my way to becoming an editor. It’s fun and interesting so far, though I wouldn’t mind combining it with Web 2.0 if I could. The tricky thing is that our head teacher has happened in a spot of trouble, and we really don’t know if he’ll be back this fall or not. *sigh*

Well, my intention is to get back on the blog bandwagon now. And this is a start. But beare with me, it’s been a long, long time since I did this. In a different life, in a different time. But anyway, welcome back to The TwilightShadows!

Thobias Vemmenby