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Don not be alarmed!

I am still alive, it’s just that some personal problems has beset me. I’m hoping to resume my blogging here at the TS very soon.



A museum should be fun!

A museum should be fun. A place you want to go. A place where you learne about history, human thought and nature in a creative environment. Very few museums seems to realise this. However, all is not lost. Randers Kulturhistoriske Museum have put up a new rune display that seems to be fantastic. In a sparkling combo of modern technology and history, they’ve created an interactive experience around the Mejlby rune stone.



This is a perfect example of why, and how, the humanities should embrace tech and geekery. To make the experience enjoyable for “the straights”, ie. the public. They are used to HDTV, Wii games and the relative interactivity of the Internet. Why should they think you as a museum employee should get paid to do some dusting of old and to them boring artifacts? Please don’t get me wrong, I do think all these things have a tremendous worth in and of themselves, but we who are working within the humanities, whatever that may entail, must take as our responsibility to help people want to learn, and want to see, and even though few of us want to think about money, pay to have the privilege. I am not advocating that ie. all  museums should have an entrance fee, but rather that we in the business also remember that tax money is paid by someone…


Most convicted felons are just people who were not taken to museums or Broadway musicals as children.
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