Knowledge Navigator

Once upon a time Apple was ruled by a man called John Sculley. This was a man of vision. His main vision was the ‘Knowledge Navigator‘, which in many ways was sort of a merge of Macintosh, HyperCard, the coming Newton and some magic… However, to this day we have not seen a product of this kind.

But, think about it. The combo of an iPhone and a Macintosh equipped with MacSpeech Dictate, Spark, Automater and a few other bit and bobs such as Skype, Go to meeting etc., and in a roundabout way you are nearly there. Think about it for a while. The ultimate sci-fi fantasy (reality based at least) is sort of a reality today. Now imagin what we fantasise about in this manner today, and look twenty years ahead. Who knows what will come, but I think it will be pretty cool!

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

~ Arthur C. Clarke ~



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