Jason Calacanis at Open Coffee Athens XV

Jason Calacanis, love him or hate him, is definitely a very successful entrepreneur. And he is also extremely generous about giving advise to you entrepreneurs in the making. I stumbled across this video of him giving a speech at the Open Coffee Athens XV. Yes, the video concentrates on Greece, but everything he is saying can apply to Europe as a whole. We do focus to much on the negatives, and we do spurn people who have failed. We shouldn’t! By working together and innovate and just plain daring to do, we could even beat the US in the Web 2.0 market.



It is time for us to start daring and doing!

Bottom line: Your first idea is rarely your best.

The first step in a journey is never the best either! Most folks hit their stride two hours into the marathon. Don’t be afraid to nuke your first idea and run with your second–or third, forth or fifth.

Evolution is the revolution.

Jason Calacanis




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  1. […] toobydoo first collected Added 09 Oct 08 from twilightshadows.wordpress.com […]


  2. Never even heard of open coffee athens. Wish we had something like this where I live I’d definitely be there.


  3. Posted by Thobias Vemmenby on October 29, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    Jeremy: There might be. Just found out we have them in Sweden too! Google it.


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