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If you look in the side bar of this site you will find a widget called “What am I doing?”. In this my twitter updates show up. But what is Twitter you might think. Well, it’s something called micro blogging, but that is really a term that makes about as much sense as the later Nietzsche… No, better to take another approach. Start by watching this video by Common Craft:



All done? Enlightened? Good. But what’s the catch then? Ahh, funny you should ask. Twitter has a tendency to go down every once in a while, meaning you can’t post or read anything. But to me, that is secondary. The real fly in the ointment is that it is a closed environment. If you have friends across multiple services such as Jaiku, Plurk or even Tumblr, you need to use all of those. There are things on the horizon to get us over this obstacle, but so far none seems to have emerged victorious and they generally require you to get yet another account…

Another problem for me personally is that it has been very hard to get my friends to sign up. Sure a few has come along for the ride, but many prefer the horrors of Facebook or use normal blogs for the stuff that really fits better on Twitter. But at least you can join up with some of your heroes. Everyone from John Gruber and Merlin Mann to Damh the Bard and  John C. Dvorak. I know those are mostly tech folks, but there are others to. Barack Obama for instance have his very own twitter feed, although it is uncertain if he updates it him self. John McCain is also on here, but I think we can rest assured he’s not doing it him self, though.

I think what stops many from getting on one of these micro blogs is the perceived learning curve. They remember what it was like trying to get Facebook to work or ‘code’ a MySpace page. But this is quite different. A few clicks and you’re done. You can even update via SMS. Calling Twitter a social network is really a misnomer I think. It is more like distributed SMS without the cost!


Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Why do you use Twitter“, posted with vodpod



Merlin Mann of MacBreak Weekley, 43folders and ThatPhoneGuy fame has turned tweets into an art form and is an absolute joy to read by the way.


~ Blogging is the new poetry ~
So now I hope you’ll rush over and join up! Friend me, I’m @toobydoo.

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  1. do you know your blog is listed on this blackhat site?


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