Reading the excellent web design page by Mark Boulton I came across a fascinating video called ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz’


Watching Job draw the letterforms is mesmeric enough, but when his son (?) joins in, I found myself laughing as he tries to imitate his fathers work. This leads to some funny-looking characters (c and d are particular favourites of mine).

I’m particularly jealous of the assured free-hand script of Job. It really is a joy to watch.


I couldn’t more than agree, and I am just as mesmerised by the strokes. The whole thing reminded me about the movie ‘The Pillow Book’. It’s a strange, slow, and yet, wonderful movie about calligraphy, art and human life. 



The art of writing is perhaps the most useful, beautiful and magical creative endeavours we as human beings have got. It should be treated with respect, taught to our young, learned from our history. It is one of the things making us human.


When God made the first clay model of a human being, He painted in the eyes… the lips… and the sex. And then He painted in each person’s name lest the person should ever forget it. If God approved of His creation, He brought the painted clay model into life by signing His own name.

Nagiko in ‘The Pillow Book




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