Reviews coming up soon! But a little something.

Well, two nice  things happened this week in the world of web. First Firefox 3 Beta 5 was released. So far I’ve only played with it, but having used most of the betas, I have to say, it looks good, it’s fast, compatible and reasonably stable on my system (Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11). The ultimate test has turned out to be the Web 2.0 version of Yahoo! Mail. This site has not worked in the early betas and was very unstable even in beta 3, but now it’s actually useful!

I haven’t been able to try it  out as much as I would have liked, but so far I am impressed. This is the first version of Firefox that seems actually useful on a G4 system. Firefox 2 was to much of a memory hog for that. I hope to be able to return to Firefox 3 later when I’ve tested it more thoroughly, but for now it is a very pleasant experience. But, web compatibility is still not excellent, not necessarily due to Firefox though. Which brings me to the second thing.

EverNote finally sent me an invite to the closed beta and I am looking forward to try it out, I just got it though and have not been able to do more than a few things like: realise that the client software requires Leopard, that the web thing doesn’t work with Firefox 3, but according to Evernote it should do shortly. Evernote seems really cool and I’ll be returning to this app.

All the best to you!

– Thobias


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  1. Posted by Maria on April 6, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    köpte det på en djuraffär här i borås men det kosta ca 700 kr. Men det va det billigaste jag hittade som var tillräkligt stort för att två kissar skulle bli nöjda.


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