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Andy Ihnatko

Andy Ihnatko’s new site is  finaly up for public use, although in keeping with tradition of the Web 2.0 era, it is not yet out of Beta… Anyhow, as usual he is funny and interessting all wraped up  into one manly package, and his posts, be they on his blog, on YouTube or at the Chicago Sun-Times are more than well worth a read.

Happy Reading!



Something is in the Air, they say!

Well, MacWorld ’08 is under way and Apple has released an new MacBook: the Air! Something is in the Air, was their slogan for the show, but I was kind of left wondering what that would be, on account of it being so damn thin!

Also, the Apple TV finaly has me drooling over it! And it isn’t rudely expensive in Europe either. Adding to that, Apples promise to start delivering movierenals here to before the end of ’08, it looking good for us movie buffs! I just hope there will be some way of watching streaming QuickTime TV on it, such as America Free TV for example.