Internet Dateing

There you have it: I’m perusing internet dating sites. I feel everything that’s happen to me is done. Am I over it? Who knows, but I’m done fawning over someone who hates me. It’s just not healthy!

But I have to say the world of internet dating is a weird one! Oh, I know it works, I know several middle-aged couples having met that way (though, worryingly, not a one my age…). But it’s not really that, even if it’s taken several months to even get one response. No, it’s this keeping several connections in the air at once. Yes I know I may be old-fashioned, but I prefer to concentrate on the one woman. Here, I need to keep the conversation going with several. Question is, when do you stop entertaining more than one? Sure, many girls, what woes… But still, I don’t want to be seen as an evil playboy here.

And what’s more, how on earth do you decide this girl is the right one, rather than that other one? Feeling? I don’t know! With normal dating you only work the one track till that materializes or fizzle out. What if you have two, or more, perfect women? Afterall, polyamory isn’t that common. And anyway, while I like the idea of more than one girl in bed as much as the next man, I’ve long since decided it’s a better fantasy than reality. I’m neurotic enough about pleasing the one…

Another thing you notice with these sites, is that they tend to be very form-based. “I like this”, “I don’t like this” – therefore you match this chick. Also, weight and measures (though few have bust size or length of penis… but some do). I know all this comes into play in real dating aswell, but here it’s so open. I mean, I’m not against this part, it just feels very unusual with a bunch of men and women knowing exactly what the others weigh, how tall they are, what they like etc.

So I think internet dating is potentially both fun and weird at the same time. And so far I don’t really have to worry about the multiple-women issue too much, but it feels strange all the same. But hopefully those woes will come along. What then?

Have you tried this type of dating? What did you think? Tips, ideas or comments are very welcome!

// Tobias


The belated, and very very short, Cybook Opus review…

I’ve been busy lately. Reason? I got a job at Riidoo, the company that lent me the Cybook Opus. This puts me in an awkward position for reviewing it. But I can make a genral review, I think.

The Opus proved to me that the eReader is a very valid product. But it needs to be accepted as a single purpous device. It can’t, nor should it, compete with the likes of the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The E-ink screen is surprisingly good to read and I spent several weeks in bright sunlight this summer reading. It should be noted that I rarely read books in sunshine, since it gets to bright for me. E-ink is a little dimmer than paper, not much, but enough to make it more readable in bright light for me.

The Opus in it self is a very nice little reader. At 150 grams it is still the lightest reader on the market. Sure, it’s only a 5″ screen, which is enough for reading, but if you want to read comics a 6″ will be a much better choice.

If there is a negative with the Opus it is that you have to connected to a computer to transfer books to it. There is no wireless connection. Also, I feel the unit, wile cute, is rather plasticy. I wish it had a more rigid feel to it.

Over all though, I like this device. I love ereaders as such, and this is definatley one of the better readers to get.


I’ve got an Opus to play with!

Yes, I’ve been able to borrow a Cybook Opus ereader from a company called Riidoo in Malmö. I will take a few days to test it out and then publish my thoughts on it.

I just thought I’d let you know!

As a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, so

As a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, so must you become HootSuite 5

Quick Tip : X-Ray Finder

I just finished listening to The MacCast Ep. 295, and Adam had this great tip for QuickLook on Snow Leopard. So, credit where it’s due, thanks Adam!

Anyway, this will require you to do a little bit of Terminal work, but it should not pose a problem to power users. If you want to try this but would prefer a GUI, head over to the BlackTree for a prefPane that can do this and loads of other cool stuff.

What does this tip do? You presumably know that you can hit space when in the Finder and bring up QuickLook to have a look at PDF’s, Word documents etc. without having to open an actual program. Well, when you do this with folders you just get a boring picture of a folder and some info about it. Wouldn’t it be cool to sort of see what’s inside? Well, that’s what this hack does! It gives an animated view of the content flowing by in sort of a Front Row style. It looks very cool, and could be useful at times.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Bring up the Terminal
  2. Type defaults write QLEnableXRayFolders 1
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Restart the Finder (Hold down Command+Alt and click the Finder icon in the Dock, choose Restart Finder)
  5. You’re done!

Now, choose a folder, hit Space, and voilà!

See you soon!


A Facebook, again and again we complain about your services. Is it because we hate you? No, not really. But often times you seem to have your head in the sand when it comes to human emotions. I don’t know it this is because of Zuckerberg or what; but you know, hire a shrink or something, it’s really not that hard!

My beef this time is the suggested friend thing that pops up on the right. That you can’t really know if I actually know that person or not, fair enough. That would be an eerie creepiness we so far only ascribe Google. But, and this is my point, why, oh why, do you have to suggest people I obviously do NOT want to be friends with?

For example I have in the past couple of weeks been asked if I wanted to be friends with my EX-mother-in-law and my ex-wife’s new guy. Granted, I realize that not everyone have a divorce as infected as I did, but you know, having them NOT show up will not harm anyone. If they show up, they can cause all sorts of emotional distress that benefits no one.

The thing is, even though I’m not an actual programmer, I know enough to say that this would not be a hard thing to add to your code. You have our collective histories! Just do if-statements on our relationship-statuses and relationship-histories if nothing else. It’s all there! You have the info! Use it for good for once!

Please Facebook, just because you may have Asberger’s and don’t care about human emotions and social intrigue, doesn’t mean your users are the same.

Hello iPhone WordPress wURLd!

I am testing the iPhone WordPress app. Since I’ve less tim with my MacBook these days, I thought blogging from my iPhone could be an option. And the new 2.x app seems quite capable.

So, anyway, this was just a test. See you around!


Ps If anyone knows how to make text in italics, bold and underlined in the iPhone app, please let me know in the comments. Cheers!